What the future of the internet holds.

Chris Coyier, who co-founded the popular web design sites css-tricks.com and codepen.io while living in Milwaukee (he now lives in Oregon), is one of the masters of the art, so we picked his brain on what changes 2018 could bring to the internet.

Websites will become quicker and more nimble.

Maybe. As sites get more sophisticated, they take longer to load, especially on mobile devices, and doom-sayers are concerned. “They trot out big charts that go up and up and show how much larger websites are getting,” Coyier says. But do not fear. Google has developed a new “Accelerated Mobile Pages” system. In short, 2018 could be the year that stems the tide, and surfing from Amazon to JSOnline to Zappos on your phone may actually speed up.

“Responsive design” isn’t going anywhere. 

A revolution has swept through web design in

Article source: https://www.milwaukeemag.com/tech-predictions-for-the-year-2018/

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