In a world where governments have to pass laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the privacy of online data, a strong need for encrypted and decentralized web-based applications arises. Luckily, the blockchain technology can be adapted to provide online users worldwide with the transparency and security lacking in present-day websites.

What Is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital, decentralized, and evergrowing public record where transactions are recorded in form of chained blocks secured by cryptography. The most common use of a Blockhain-like technology is Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet. When one user grants another Google user access to a spreadsheet they’re working on, both users will be able to see moment-by-moment updates as they happen because they have access to the same sheet. As a result, they can read, validate, and agree on the contents of the document in real time. The document is secured because

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