Karin Conway*

Website design styles change so often, it is difficult to keep up with the trends and new technology.

There are a few new trends that have begun playing a major role in law firm websites that we expect to continue to see in law firms that are looking to set themselves apart and present themselves as cutting edge.

Here are five of the biggest web design trends law firms should be noticing:


More websites are using animation features than ever before. Scroll-triggered animations, for example, are extremely popular, as are animations triggered by clicking menus and links. So long as these animations do not interfere with the performance of the website, they can add a feeling of professionalism and modernity.


Speaking of performance, web developers in the next year will be more focused than ever on maximizing a website’s performance and efficiency. Law

Article source: http://www.lawfuel.com/blog/5-trends-in-law-firm-web-design-that-every-lawyer-should-know/

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