There’s more to storytelling—at least on websites—than just words.

Your content is important, but the design and layout of your website
contribute to the effect of your story on users.

Here are seven design tips for your company to use to develop your user
experience and strengthen your storytelling:

1. Structure your tone and layout to align with your story.

The right layout communicates that you understand who your customers are
and how they prefer to engage with your company.

The layout for
seen below communicates refined taste and propriety.

BlackHouse Layout_Simple Tone

This tone of this image communicates simplicity but also is meant to
highlight the high quality of their offerings. (Steak isn’t in the picture
by mere happenstance.) With this layout and tone, you can use your story to
deliver an impression about your company to your users.

2. Consider gamification to increase engagement.

Want to attract visitors

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