What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is the percentage of the visitors on your website that completes the desired goal of your business out of the total number of visitors.

Any organization desire to have a higher conversion rate for your website, as it is an indicator that you’re successful in your marketing web design.

[Image Source: https://www.smemetrix.com/images/blog/blog13.jpg]

There is no fixed benchmark for a reasonable conversion rate. It varies from industry to industry, and it also depends on the type of business model one is following for their company.

Now, every marketer across the globe knows that Conversion Rate is one of the most important KPI for any business to improve that, they always look for some innovative methods.

According to a survey conducted by Wordstream, only

Article source: http://customerthink.com/8-creative-web-design-tips-to-boost-your-conversion-rate/

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