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Mayerthorpe Town council discussed an application for Invest Canada, the Zamboni fix and the allocation of municipal grant funding during a regular meeting on April 23.

Invest Canada

Council approved the application to the Invest Canada – Community Initiatives program. The project would be in partnership with other municipalities within Lac Ste. Anne County (LSAC).

The company would develop website content for the different municipalities that includes demographics and census data, industry and workforce information, potential opportunity areas and environmental, transportation, workforce and community services data.

There will be an ongoing cost to manage the platform of $15,000, which includes all 16 municipalities within LSAC.

Mayor Kate Patrick asked if it was similar to the current platform many municipalities are using.

“The two aren’t even comparable. Way better platform, way easier for the user to access the data,” replied Karen St. Martin, chief administration officer.

Zamboni Fix

The Town’s Zamboni is in need of repairs and

Article source: http://www.mayerthorpefreelancer.com/2018/04/30/application-for-new-web-design-in-lsac

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