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How Has Web Designing Improved Over The Years?

Web designing was once very complicated as it involved HTML and other such coding. One needed tonnes of experience and education to be able to create a website and get it online. It was a laborious task and a website took days before it went live. However, today... read more

10 Principles Of Great Music Web Design

_______________________________________ In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Melanie Kealey outlines the ten key principles of designing an aesthetically pleasing and usable website. “Remember, people will land on your page and scan it for just a few... read more

How to captivate millennials with web design

By Ronald Wolf Even though a strong argument can be made claiming that every person has their own opinions of what is appealing and what is not, the truth is that you might not be as unique as you think you are. Different demographic groups have their own unique... read more

The role and functions of web development

Starting up a business, it is significant to represent it on the internet. There are many ways to do that. The most effective one is creating a website declaring your mission, presenting available services and giving people useful information on what you do. One of... read more

Bad design isn’t just ugly — it’s expensive

Badly drawn, derivative, and forgettable logos. Poorly designed websites and mobile apps. Formulaic products with no flair or originality. If you’re a business, bad design hurts — from uninspiring packaging to interchangeable ads that don’t differentiate you from the... read more

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