You found the question counterintuitive…right, especially when the online gurus are heavily favoring content-first approach as their go-to strategy for website development process.

The most touted payoff of content-first approach is that it fast tracks the website development process.

But then, for a moment, forget the recommendations of the online gurus and think for yourself.

What do you reckon? What does that little voice inside your head say? Design-first or content-first?

I can hear you guys! Fair enough!

Yes, content and design should be given equal importance. Simply put, it should go hand in hand.

It may seem like a paradigm-shifting approach to many businesses, given that websites prefer to adopt and execute one approach first before initializing the other. But the fact is, both these approaches are interdependent and not independent of each other. So, the ideal way to building a website today is to cross-pollinate the two

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