Central Washington University has unveiled a new web site design that makes navigating the university’s online pages easier.

Starting on February 6, CWU’s main web pages will sport an updated appearance and interface tailored for mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. The redesign, being called a “re-skinning” of the site, incorporates more graphics and a more intuitive functionality.

The new web design is the first phase of a more comprehensive re-tooling of the university’s web site that will continue for the next year. Later phases will include revising and updating the design and content on all university web pages.

“One of the realities of hosting a web page is that you’re always revising and updating it to make it as useful as possible,” said Linda Schactler, CWU chief of staff. “Our goal for this re-skinning of the pages is to give our pages a more contemporary appearance and to make

Article source: http://www.cwu.edu/cwu-unveils-new-web-page-design

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