Ever wondered how the internet will change how we shop in the future? So have we.

In a new whitepaper by Plusnet, experts have been giving their predictions based on the two established ways the internet will evolve: speed and availability.

Internet speeds could potentially rise to ten times the current broadband speed if emerging technology is anything to go by, and new, faster mobile connections will grow quicker and more widely available across the world.


Shockingly, only 47% of the world can currently access the internet. This number will rise in the future (it’s already risen by 4% since 2016). Greater availability of the internet across the world will open up new and emerging markets, especially in Africa and South America (two continents with some of the lowest number of internet users in the world).

faster connections will also improve conversion rates

Faster connections will also improve conversion rates across the web, which is

Article source: http://www.marketingtechnews.net/news/2017/oct/26/exploring-future-ecommerce-and-web-design/

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