Sergey Nosyrev (left) and Alexey Sheremetyev (right), co-founders of Planner 5D in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Web designer Alexey Sheremetyev and programmer Sergey Nosyrev weren’t looking to start their own business when they founded Planner 5D. The two were colleagues working in Moscow back in 2010. Sheremetyev had recently bought a flat, and Nosyrev had purchased a plot of land and was about to build a home. They tried finding digital sites to share design and decorating ideas, but options were limited.

“The idea,” Sheremetyev says, “was to plan renovations and do it quickly, simply and get the visualization of it without too much skill and then share it with our wives, builders, and also make it adaptable so we could change the colors, the woods, etc.”

In just a few nights after work, the pair came up with a prototype. Sheremetyev and Nosyrev continued to work their day jobs, spending their

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