When it came to working on a new store for New York-based Fairway Group Holdings Inc. Christopher Studach, creative director at Eugene, Ore.-based King Retail Solutions (KRS), was far from confident.

“Honestly, this project scared me,” Studach confides. “When we first toured stores with the Fairway team, I had never seen anything like their old Manhattan stores. They were – and I’m being generous here – haphazard, daunting, crazy, discombobulating, mesmerizing and insanely busy. Conversely, their suburban locations were mostly boring, lifeless versions of their heritage stores.”

That being the case, he asserts: “Our job was clear – we needed to recapture the magic of the downtown locations while still elevating and evolving the brand. Yet how do you design something remotely as undeniably cool as what has organically grown – successfully – like a dominant fungus over so many years? It was nerve-wracking.”

In deciding how to approach this massive undertaking, Studach

Article source: http://www.progressivegrocer.com/industry-news-trends/regional-supermarket-chains/fairwaygeorgetown

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