If you haven’t noticed already, today we launched a brand new website design created by Interactive Editor J. Emory Parker.

With the new design, we will also publish a new “edition” on our homepage each morning, hand curated by our digital news staff.  

Why? We want to make our homepage a destination for our readers. While many people are getting their news via different digital platforms, we still think there is value in a curated homepage that resembles reading the print product.

We want to make our homepage a place you visit in order to easily get the news you need to know without having to search throughout the entire website. Readers will be able to quickly see important stories and navigate to other parts of the site based on their interests.

Article source: https://www.postandcourier.com/news/local_state_news/post-and-courier-unveils-new-web-design-curated-homepage-to/article_4541c484-8f4d-11e8-9c91-a31a4c891868.html

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