Learning from your peers is part of being a great designer. When researching a new project – whether a complete new brand or rebrand, or just a new approach or feature – insights into the design systems and identities of leading companies can be invaluable in stimulating new ideas. It’s not about copying – ok, it’s mostly not about copying – but instead taking what they have conceived, designed, developed and tested, and adapting that to the particular needs of the project you’re working on.

Many larger companies and organisations have published their design systems – but these are often spread across multiple sites. Identities and design manuals are often found on parts of a companies main site, while sometimes these are just on Dropboxs and Google drives accessible only to those who have the link. Design systems ready for developers are usually hosted on Github.

Keeping tabs on all of these

Article source: https://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-design/this-website-gives-you-access-design-systems-of-44-brands-with-highly-regarded-identities/

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