Web designers need to create interactive, personalized and relevant user experiences. PHOTO: Damian Zaleski

Web designers in 2017 have to deliver an interactive, personalized and relevant user experience.

One size no longer fits all, and design teams need to address this reality. But how do web designers rise to the challenge?

Here are some fast emerging web design trends you can expect to see more of in the year ahead — trends that will propel your website to the top in user experience.

Material Design Material Motion

Material design is a visual language developed by Google to create a unified experience across platforms and device sizes.

Bold, graphic and intentional material design creates hierarchy, meaning and focus. It makes flexible use of grid-based layouts, padding, responsive transitions and animations, lighting and shadow depth effects.

Motion in material design provides meaning. Material can be spontaneously

Article source: http://www.cmswire.com/digital-experience/top-web-design-trends-for-2017/

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