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The E-commerce sector, which has seen a humongous rise in customer base over the years has been also a frontrunner in adapting to the latest website trends. The fact that along with an excellent product or service, the sector has realized that presentation, which in this case is a website, also holds an equal role in bringing the customers.

A recent Statista report projected that by 2021, the Global e-commerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion.

According to Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of CanvasPop, every e-commerce business owner should prioritize their website and make it as user-oriented as possible.

“Mostly everything we do is driven by data when it comes to prioritizing design-level changes,” Salamunovic said.

“We always start with what’s best for our customer experience and, secondarily, how will that decision affect conversions/sales … A lot of things don’t work, the key is to be constantly testing

Article source: http://www.cxotoday.com/story/web-design-in-e-commerce-to-get-more-user-friendly/

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