Back in March, I got an email saying that my website had been taken down due to malware. Essentially, I got hacked. In the months that followed, I learned some things about being a photographer, about web design, and about myself.

After over 10 years with the same web host, I got an unfortunate email while I was on a trip to New Mexico in March. It’s a message no working professional wants to receive: “Your web hosting account has been deactivated.” The reason? “Malware/virus.”


And so began a multi-month effort to get my website back up. At first, the web host directed me to their “security partner company” who tried to persuade me into giving them hundreds of dollars to clean the site, plus a monthly subscription for “maintenance” to help keep it clean. Obviously, as a small business owner with small profit margins, this sounded ridiculous. None of the backups I

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