I’m pretty certain that almost all of us have visited a website on our mobile device(s) only to find that the page isn’t laid out correctly or the text is too small to read. Worryingly, a recent report told us that nearly three in ten people say they can’t complete even the most simple task on a mobile website, citing poor navigation, too much/or too little information and usability concerns as the primary barriers – leaving many consumers frustrated by the experience.

And, according to Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce report, 4 out of 10 transactions today take place on multiple devices – but nearly half of internet users complain that the websites they use aren’t optimised for mobile. Conversely, native mobile apps often aren’t optimised for desktop browsers. So, it should be remembered that success isn’t making the experience the same, rigid and fixed, regardless

Article source: https://www.fourthsource.com/ecommerce/need-continuous-testing-plan-responsive-web-design-22477

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